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Do you have cracks in your concrete? Or perhaps you need to repair or even replace a section of your driveway? We at Nixon Construction, Inc. have extensive experience and knowledge for any type of concrete repair.

There are several things to consider when you are choosing concrete surface repair, compared to a complete tear-out and replace.

The integrity of the surface. Was the concrete poured too wet? There is a good chance that the weakened and diluted concrete may continue to erode away.

Was the concrete poured on top of a poor sub-base that wasn’t compacted properly?
It can cause continuous erosion and make the concrete sink.

Does the concrete have proper joint control?
The joints are usually put in no farther apart than 2.5 times the depth.

Does the concrete have expansion joints to help with concrete expansion due to the heat in the summer months?
When a job doesn’t have proper expansion it can lead to unnecessary cracking that needs repair.

Does it have proper reinforcement? It can keep the concrete from changing elevations at cracks.

How severe is the surface deterioration? Is it a heavy traffic area like a driveway? Does it keep getting worse each year? The odds of fixing it lessen. These would be cause for a Tear out and Replace.

Things may be in your favor for resurfacing if the concrete is structurally sound and solid. A cap may be poured on top of it up to 2″ thick. You will need to provide a barrier between the two slabs so problems on your existing slab do not rise through and affect your new concrete cap.

If the surface delamination is minor. You can have all loose material power washed with a minimum of 3500 psi. Get rid of all loose material, and apply a patching product.

Money is always an issue, but you have to decide what’s best for your situation. It’s not always a simple answer after you consider the condition of your existing concrete.

Can badly damaged concrete be repaired?

Badly damaged concrete can be repaired. The delaminated concrete needs to be removed from the surface. Your concrete repair will only be as good as the preparation that has been put into it.

All loose and weakened concrete must be removed. A polymer-based cement resurfacer product is recommended to use.

For smaller cracks up to 1/8″ wide. A polymer-based cement product can be used to fill the cracks using a small trowel or putty knife forcing the cement into the crack.

For the bigger cracks that have separated, a concrete repair caulk is used. The caulk is squeezed into the larger crack and leveled with a putty knife.

If you have any expansion joints in the concrete, they will have to be covered with a masking or duct tape. These joints must remain exposed to allow the slab to expand and contract. They must not be covered with the cement top dressing.

When its time to start mixing the cement for resurfacing, we follow precise steps with respect to the type of product we’re using before pouring the mixed cement onto the slab and spreading it out.

When spreading the cement, we make sure to get it in every crack and crevice. When the cement starts to harden and gets tacky to the touch, we drag a broom across it for traction. Our experienced finishers can customize this step to your liking. We can achieve this by varying the angles of the broom. Lower angles create less traction. If you want more traction, we adjust the broom upright closer to a 90-degree angle and apply pressure for deeper broom marks.

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